Applicative DBA SQL SERVER

בחברה SIMPLYFIND LTD (שרון, מרכז, שפלה) משרה מלאה יום חמישי, מרץ 17th, 2016

תיאור העבודה / הפרוייקט:

We are searching for an experienced database developer to the databases team.

The job involves:

• Programming high performance intensive load processes in SQL.

• Customer support.

Job Requirements:

• Bsc. from known University

• At least 5 years experience as applicative DBA.

• Fast technology adaptation.

• Database design and development experience.

• Experience with C#.

• Experience with handling huge amount of data, complex systems.

• DB troubleshooting and performance optimization

• Good interpersonal skills.

• Good English.

Job advantages:

• Knowledge in Networking/Security.

location Herzliya

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