בחברה Playtika (TEL AVIV ) משרה מלאה יום שני, מרץ 2nd, 2015

תיאור העבודה / הפרוייקט:

Job description

• Administering BI servers, instances, configurations, updates and licensing

• Profiling and performance tuning – code, SSIS packages refactoring, indexes, partitioning, data types etc.

• Maintenance plans and backups

• Architecture and DB's design

• Keeping DEV server up to date with current data and refreshing schema from prod for QA

• Code reviews

• Creating code standards, researching working tools and working environment including version control

• Developing infrastructure for code reuse and utilities

• Monitoring and alerts about problems in the system

• Involvement in future researching of new solutions for DWH (Vertica/BI tools) and BI

• Managing tech knowledge base

• Enrolling users and maintaining system security

• Contacting database vendor for technical support


• 5-7 years of experience as a senior SQL server system DBA- must

• SQL server 2014 – advantage

• BI systems DBA experience – advantage

• Working hours are 25%~ evening, with high availability and the ability to respond in weekends and nights

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